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Characterstics of product

Selected special-treated imported latex paper, good flexibility, good folding and bursting resistance. Excellent polishing effect on curved surface.

Adopted Special-treated EU standard grains, with advantages of sharp, quick, good surface finishing and good consistency.

Special surface coating on base paper with high-strength resin leads to stronger combination of grains and base paper and longest tool life.

Special anti-clog coating surface with chip removal and anti-clog, improving the performance of sandpaper.

Main application

Synthetic material and plastic products sanding and polishing.

Metal and aluminum alloy polishing.


Standard size: 230mm*280mm for sheets;

1.15mm*100m per roll.


Standard girt: P 1000-P60.


Sheet: 50pieces/sleeve, 1000pieces/carton or 500 pieces/carton.

Roll: as per customer’s requirements